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Tango Fusion Music JAM

Wednesday march 17

place : Lindenberg Café 23

admission : 5 euro salon entrance ( for the complete salon untill 01.00 incl. the Jam )

Music JAM : 17.00 - 20.00 ( untill 20.00 you can eat a special tango menu in the Lindenberg café)





This year’s Doble Ocho presents again : the tango jam. 

Jazz music is known for its jam (improvising around a musical theme). Jamming in tango however, is new. But why not? Tango is, after all, improvisation.  A tango jam consists of a group of musicians (who differ widely in background, level and knowledge of tango) who create tango music by improvising. The fusion JAM is led by 3 or more musicians who will provide some structure when needed.


The Jam is open for any musicians with an affection for tango music, both amature and professional musicians.


2010 video NOW ONLINE












Korey Ireland is a professional composer turned tango-addict. He brings a lifetime of musical experience and an unquenchable thirst for tango to his teaching.  Originally from Kansas City, Korey has spent the better part of the last seven years traveling and teaching tango in England, Holland, Spain, Germany, Russia and Argentina, sharing his passion for tango, music, expression, and connection. In recent years, this mission has grown to include work with aspiring tango musicians at festivals throughout North America and Europe to create live music for dancers. In November he led the "Monster Orchestra" of Tango de los Muertos resulting in a live CD of his arrangements and transcriptions released in late 2009. 








Gustavo Mozzi 


Made in Buenos Aires, Gustavo Mozzi's music shows the prints of the diversity of traditions that, through the centuries, whirlpooled on the shores of the Rio de la Plata. Tango, milonga, murga, native genres and from the European heritage –a palette on which local colors and the cosmopolitan spirit mix as in the port- are subtle presences in the work of Mozzi.


From an early age Facundo felt the interest in exploration of the Latin percussion and the motherland, Africa. On his many trips and stays in these countries he had the opportunity of playing and studying with musicians from very varied backgrounds, a fact that motivates him to expand his sonic palette with tools and techniques, mostly from Africa and the Middle East. Facundo has traveled the world playing and collaborating with artists such as Mercedes Sosa, Hernan Rios and Liliana Herrero. He won the Latin Grammy Award on the night that he was playing with Quinteto tango Extremo in Holland.

Facundo Guevara





Iwan Harlan 


Form plus freedom equals improvisation is Iwan Harlan’s musical motto, Doble Ocho asked him to lead the tango jam  for musicians last 2 editions. He joins the festival initiative to create the Doble Ocho fusion music group, and to perform on the festival.  Iwan Harlan is a composer, instrumentalist (piano, guitar, percussion & vocals and producer. At the moment Iwan Harlan is involved in the Balkan beat project Turlitawa Shutka, which recently resulted in a mini CD Romano Chavo. More info: 


Musicians from TANGHETTO (depending on their tour scheme )



Tjerk van der Wall, prof. musician

Elliot Muuses  


Boris Franz 



2009 JAM : Musicians looking closely to the dancers, full interactivity is going on !  ( foto's: Lucien Lecarme)